July 22, 2019

Looking before we leap: Weighing the risks of US-China disengagement

While China has moved in regressive directions, Jonathan Pollack and Jeffrey Bader warn that taking an adversarial stance toward the world’s leading trading state could spur an open-ended rivalry from which nobody, including the United States, would benefit.

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Listen: What can we do to reduce unplanned pregnancies?

As restrictions on abortion become more widespread, states and organizations are looking to increase the availability of family planning information and access to effective contraceptive methods. In a new episode of the Brookings Cafeteria podcast, three experts discuss efforts to reduce unplanned pregnancy and the role of states and organizations in amplifying these initiatives.

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How much will automation impact the US middle class?

While there is general consensus that automation will change the nature of work, Marcus Casey explains how future research can address its effect on the wellbeing of American workers and the middle class more broadly.

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