Brookings China Center scholar Cheng Li explores Chinese politics, economics, and rule of law.
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October 2016

A new must-read volume from leading expert on Chinese politics Cheng Li

Political parties that fail to adapt to changing circumstances have little chance at survival. Chinese leaders seem to be acutely aware of this. Despite the persistence of one-party rule, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has continuously reformed itself over the past three decades, seeking new mechanisms, institutional regulations, policy measures, and political norms to mitigate its inherent deficiencies.

In his new book, “Chinese Politics in the Xi Jinping Era: Reassessing Collective Leadership,” Cheng Li explains how China’s institutional developments have been more extensive and more “democratic” (at least within the CCP) than many outsiders recognize. The CCP’s three-decade long trend of political institutionalization is essential background knowledge for anyone seeking to understand China’s domestic circumstances and, with that, analyze Xi Jinping’s political options.

As China heads toward a major leadership transition at its 19th Party Congress in the fall of 2017, Li provides a valuable guide to the current state of Chinese elite politics, including how it got here and where the road ahead might lead.

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