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    LIVE WEBCAST -- Not just for the professionals? Understanding equity markets for retail and small business investors

    When: Friday, April 15, 2016, 9:00 am  – 12:30 pm EDT

    Where: http://www.brookings.edu/events/2016/04/15-benefits-and-dangers-of-equity-markets


    The financial crisis is now eight years behind us, but its legacy lingers on. Many Americans are concerned about their financial security and are particularly worried about whether they will have enough for retirement. Guaranteed benefit pensions are gradually disappearing, leaving households to save and invest for themselves. What role could equities play for retail investors?

    Another concern about the lingering impact of the crisis is that business investment and overall economic growth remains weak compared to expectations. Large companies are able to borrow at low interest rates, yet many of them have large cash holdings. However, many small and medium sized enterprises face difficulty funding their growth, paying high risk premiums on their borrowing and, in some cases, being unable to fund investments they would like to make. Equity funding can be an important source of growth financing.

    On April 15, the Initiative on Business and Public Policy at Brookings will examine what role equity markets can play for individual retirement security, small business investment and whether they can help jumpstart American innovation culture by fostering the transition from startups to billion dollar companies.

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