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The Brookings Papers on Economic Activity (BPEA) is an academic journal published by the Brookings Press twice a year. Each edition of the journal includes five or six new papers on a range of topics, broadly focused on macroeconomics, that inform debates on economic policy. The papers are presented and discussed at the spring and fall BPEA conferences. The final papers and discussant remarks from each conference are then published in the journal several months later.

To submit a proposal please complete the form on the right. A proposal may be a completed paper, a written prospectus, or a detailed paper outline. An outline or prospectus should specify data sources and provide preliminary empirical results.

The editors evaluate proposals on a rolling basis. Criteria for evaluating proposals include: relevance to ongoing policy issues (including long-term policy issues), policy and economic significance of the contribution, and the fit with other papers and topics on conference program.

Upon submission you will receive an email confirmation. The editors will respond within four weeks.