BPEA Public Registration

    Spring BPEA 2021

    Thursday, March 25, 2020, 10:00 a.m. - 5:10 p.m. EDT 

    Where: https://www.brookings.edu/events/bpea-spring-2021-conference/

    Download the agenda here.

    Thursday, March 25, 2021

    10:00 AM The Sustainability of State and Local Government Pensions: A Public Finance Approach
    Authors: Jamie Lenney, Bank of England; Byron Lutz, Federal Reserve Board of Governors; Finn Schüle,
    Brown University; and Louise Sheiner, Brookings Institution
    Discussants: Deborah Lucas, Massachusetts Institute of Technology; and Josh Rauh, Stanford Graduate School of Business

    11:00 AM Break
    11:05 AM Panel: COVID-19 and Economic Policy after One Year
    “Behavior and the Dynamic of Epidemics”
    Andrew Atkeson, University of California, Los Angeles

    “The Macroeconomic Policy Response to the Pandemic: The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly”
    Christina Romer, University of California, Berkeley

    “Supporting Workers and Families in the Pandemic Recession: Results in 2020 and Suggestions for 2021”
    Krista Ruffini and Abigail Wozniak, Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis

    12:05 PM Break

    12:10 PM
    Congruent Financial Regulation
    Authors: Andrew Metrick, Yale School of Management; and Daniel Tarullo, Harvard Law School
    Discussants: Viral Acharya, New York University Stern School of Business; and Hyun Song Shin, Bank for
    International Settlements

    1:10 PM Lunch Break

    2:00 PM Panel: 50 years of Brookings Papers’ Contributions to Macroeconomics and Policy
    “BPEA and Monetary Policy Over 50 Years”
    Alan Blinder, Princeton University

    “Productivity and Growth Over the Years at BPEA”
    Robert Gordon, Northwestern University

    “The Brookings Panel’s Contributions to Research on Labor Markets”
    Robert Hall, Stanford Hoover Institution

    3:00 PM Break

    3:05 PM The Economic Costs of Pretrial Detention
    Authors: Will Dobbie and Crystal Yang, Harvard University
    Discussants: Conrad Miller, University of California, Berkeley; and Justin Wolfers, University of Michigan

    4:10 PM Advanced Cognitive Skills Deserts in the United States
    Author: Caroline Hoxby, Stanford University
    Discussants: Erik Hurst, University of Chicago; and Brian Jacob, University of Michigan

    5:10 PM Conference ends                        

     If you have any questions or concerns about the Fall 2020 conference, please contact Mary King (MEKing@brookings.edu) or Anna Dawson (adawson@brookings.edu). Thank you!