The decisive decade? Mapping key trends among adolescents and young adults in the US

Monday, April 29, 2024, 2:15 – 3:30 p.m. EDT

There is growing public concern over the opportunities and well-being of America’s young adults and adolescents. From declining college enrollment to rising mental health problems, there are a number of disturbing trends for young people before and after the transition to adulthood.

But what are the facts? In this online event, experts and scholars dig into the key trends over recent years for adolescents and young adults, as well as discussing likely causes and potential solutions.

The event will open with a summary presentation of a new report, “The Decisive Decade: Understanding the Trajectories of 14- to 24-year-olds,” by Richard Reeves, president of the American Institute for Boys and Men, and Ember Smith, doctoral student, UC Berkeley. “The Decisive Decade” draws on rich datasets to describe recent key trends and trajectories for adolescents and young adults in education, employment, and family life.

Richard will then be joined on a panel by Lara Aknin of Simon Fraser University, Jonathan Zaff of Boston University, and Ian Rowe of the American Enterprise Institute. Tara Watson, director of the Center for Economic Security and Opportunity at Brookings will moderate.

Viewers can join the conversation and ask questions of the panelists by emailing or on X/Twitter using the hashtag #DecisiveDecade.

Register to watch online:

The Brookings Institution, 1775 Massachusetts Ave NW, Washington, DC 20036

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