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    LIVE WEBCAST -- How should the next president counter violent extremism?

    The fourth in a series of live podcast tapings showcasing Brookings experts’ best ideas for the next president.

    When: Tuesday, November 1, 2016, 8:15 — 9:15 AM

    Where: https://www.brookings.edu/events/how-should-the-next-president-counter-violent-extremism/


    The next U.S. president will come into office in an era of dramatic disruptions around the globe. Violent extremism is spreading, in the Middle East and elsewhere. Adding to the friction, tensions over immigration, trade agreements, and globalization are giving rise to nationalist political movements across the Western world. While the next president will have to grapple with immediate questions of military and national security strategy, he or she will also have to set in motion a long-term strategy to counter the threat of violent extremism at its root cause.

    On November 1, veteran journalist Indira Lakshmanan of the Boston Globe will conduct a live podcast taping with two Brookings experts as part of the Brookings-wide Election 2016 and America’s Future project. This event is the fourth in a series of live recordings distributed by the Brookings Podcast Network.

    Brookings Senior Fellow and Vice President of Governance Studies Darrell West recently published the book Megachange,” focused on the proliferation of major, unexpected changes around the globe, and will talk about violent extremism as a social and political phenomenon. Brookings Visiting Fellow Robert McKenzie is an expert in U.S-Islamic relations, and recently published a policy brief on how the next president can fight violent extremism in America.

    We hope you can join us for a lively conversation in which each expert will deliver a concrete course of action for the next president, and will be pressed by the moderator on alternate perspectives on the issue and the realistic obstacles the next administration will face.

    We encourage those attending and watching online to submit questions to the participants. You can do so by tweeting at @BrookingsFP with the hashtag #counteringextremism or by submitting a question during the event registration process.

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