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The Brookings Papers on Economic Activity (BPEA) publishes research on current issues in macroeconomics, broadly defined. The journal emphasizes rigorous analysis that has an empirical orientation, takes real-world institutions seriously, and is relevant to economic policy. Papers are presented and discussed at conferences held twice each year, and published with discussant comments in the journal several months later.

Topics covered by the journal include fiscal and monetary policy, consumption and saving behavior, business investment, housing, asset pricing, labor markets, wage- and price-setting, business cycles, long-run economic growth, the distribution of income and wealth, international capital flows and exchange rates, international trade and development, and the macroeconomic implications of health care costs, energy supply and demand, environmental issues, and the education system.

Although most BPEA papers are solicited by the editors, unsolicited proposals are welcome. Before submitting a proposal via the form on the right, please carefully review the Call for Papers information on the BPEA author page. You will receive an email confirmation upon submission.